tm2™ Fountain Pen, Bocotewood/Black, 2 tones

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Bocote Wood
The wood. is from Central and South America.It is one of the beautiful hard woods in the world. Bocote wood is very good materials for fine furniture, boat-building, musical instruments, knife handle and other small wood items.
This beautiful wood with the yellow to dark brown or black stripes which presents the very unique appearance. Sometimes it looks like a stripe on a tiger also.
These attractive stripes make every wood product is so eye catching.


Detail Specifications:

Nib:SCHMIDT, F Type, gold color.
Filling System: Cartridge / Converter
Closing System: Screw
Closed Length: 5.47" (138mm)
Pen Barrel Diameter: 0.39" (10mm)
Other Accessories:
International Standard Screw-in Style Converter x1
Ink Cartridge x1
Micro-Fiber Lens Cleaning Cloth X1
Gift Ready Package

Design Made in Taiwan.

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