About Us

We are Gazing Far, the Taiwan local handwriting Stationery brand, founded in 2015.

Wood stationery are our main items, we design and produce Fountain pen, rollerball pen, propelling pencil and ballpoint pen, also other accessories such as the homemade inks, pen stand, pen pouch and pocket notebook. 

Wood stationery with natural texture and warm touch.
Holding a good wood pen in your hand, it resonates with you immediately, and a different kind of light will shine in your eyes.

We enjoy our life and happy to record it by the stationery we like,
whether it is contentment or joy in hardship, feast or simple, 
for all the toil and happiness are worth quietly writing down by your pen.

It has been years for us to promote the hand-writing and exquisite practical stationery. We hope to make people slow down the pace a little bit and enjoy the moment of writing.

Our flagship store is in Dadaocheng, Taipei City where is a beautiful, bright and comfortable atmosphere boutique.
You can experience our different pen models here, also to write and draw very freely.

Welcome your visit and we hope you can regain the pleasure of handwriting.

Finding the happiness and enjoyment in handwriting.
Meeting more friends from interacting with kindred spirit.