penBlack, Coming from the Deep Night.                                                                                         
Black, the Power of Pure,
Black, the Elegant of Beginning.

_Be_in_the_BLACK, the tm2™ series, as classic as usual.

Detail Specifications:

Nib:SCHMIDT, F / M Type
Pen Barrel:Carbon Fiber
Filling System: Cartridge / Converter
Closing System: Screw
Closed Length: 5.47" (138mm)
Pen Barrel Diameter: 0.39" (10mm)
Other Accessories:
International Standard Screw-in Style Converter x1
Ink Cartridge x1
Micro-Fiber Lens Cleaning Cloth X1
Gift Ready Package

Design Made in Taiwan.

Please be aware of any “VAT” and” Custom Duty” for international purchase.
The Selling Price is excluded any VAT and Custom Duty.