We write, what we want, In this moment

It just

We would like the comfort of writing with a good pen.

It is just like eating and sleeping comfortably.

These are little things in life that we enjoy.


就像舒服的吃飯, 舒服的睡覺.



Around us

Taipei's oldest district, is where we are.

Rice, sugar, camphor, and Chinese herbs were mainly sold. But now, you can find both traditional and modern style here.

There are many historical buildings, old and modern shops coexisting together.

Not only delicious restaurants, traditional
Taiwanese food stands and snacks, but also cafes, workshops, museum, theater, market, bookstores and us.

It's a good place to hang out and
enjoy yourself.

Welcome your visit.

Visit our store

No.355, Minsheng W. Rd.,Datong Dist.,Taipei City 103018, Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Wen - Sun, 12:00pm - 07:30pm


星期三-星期日, 12:0pm - 07:30pm