GazingFar x UTTOKO Pen Sleeve - Khaki

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This beautiful all hand-stitched pen sleeves,

Outside is Dupioni,a kind of top-class elegant silkihol’s.
Luxurious, textured fabrics with the crisp feel and brilliant luster,
completely hand-woven.

Inside is KANOKO(鹿の子),It means "baby deer", 
It's a kind of Japanese traditional geometrical pattern,
looks just like a deer’s dots skin textures.
KANOKO usually shows on the vintage kimono, made by manual tie-dyeing technique, which produces a number of anomalous patterns on fabric.

The colors of this pen sleeve are referenced by our homemade ink colors,
and they are all hand-stitched by Aiko San in UTTOKO.

Elegant colors, delicate silks and fine workmanship.
We hope you like this limit edition pen sleeves.

This pen sleeve also could fit other pens which similar tmX fountain pen size

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